Sunday, March 3, 2013

Macy's Candy Windows (December catch up)


Growing up Bart just loved the ZCMI candy windows.  After a hiatus, Macy's (who occupies ZCMI's old building) started the tradition again this year.  We were lucky that it coincided with our drive down to Las Vegas for Christmas and my brother Kevin's wedding.  We stayed a night in Salt Lake City, and were able to visit temple square and the new mall property surrounding it.  Both were gorgeous decorated for the season of Christmas.  

The sidewalks were filled with people wanting to see the windows or like us wanting to share that tradition with their children. This year each window had a huge ornament, entirely made out of candy. Each ornament was designed by a different artist in the Salt Lake area.  It was amazing to see the different styles and interpretations they could come up with using candy. 

I loved this ornament for how simply elegant it was.  Easy and monochromatic, but the Christmas lights around it made it, still made it fun.  

Some like this yellow one were a bit chaotic.  Almost hard to see what the artist was trying to get across, but then if you focus on the middle window section you see such an intricate scene its hard to imagine making it out of entirely edible materials.  

Some artists designed ornaments that were just so fun, and easily were a huge favorite with the boys. Such a simple idea but not simple to execute I'm sure.   

The boys were amazed that you could make a Santa that big just using candy.  It was also one of the easiest to see the types of candy used which they loved.

Last, my favorite.  I love the elegance of this snowflake ornament.  Although probably one of the easiest due to the simplicity of the design I just loved it. In person it glittered with the lights.  It was gorgeous.

It was a great chance to stretch our legs and do something just for fun along our drive.  I loved the chance to show them something that we remember from being little and have the boys look at us with the same awe and excitement that I remember.  
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