Monday, February 18, 2013

Pumpkins Round Two

So gardening is not exactly my forte.  
But we've been giving it a valiant try.

The first year we lived here I planted the pumpkins according to what the back of the seed packet said.  
We ended up with a bunch of pumpkins that NEVER 
turned orange. 

This year we made progress!  I planted them as early as I could without them freezing and we finally got Orange Pumpkins!

After an entire day of picking and wheel barrowing we had a big pile of pumpkins, but they were all little pumpkins!


Oh, well.  One year we conquer the orange issue, next year we'll try for ones that are bigger than a softball!


We had one red pumpkin, (that Jacks is holding) but I'm pretty sure it was a mutant gourd.   We tried to grow some gourds, and none of them worked! 

So that can go on the list for next year,
 big pumpkins and any gourds at all.  
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