Thursday, January 17, 2013

3 and 30

So these posts were written almost a year ago, just never published!
Yep, I'm that good at blogging. (and we'll just pretend I'm turning 30 again this February)

Owen and I both had birthdays during February I'll let you guess who turned 3 and who turned 30.

Owen has joined the ranks of bicyclers.  He is often out riding before he's even dressed.
 Pajamas or underwear is his favorite riding attire.

Dinosaurs are Owen's obsession, and one that is almost as big as you are, that walks, roars and shakes tail and head, is amazing.  (Excuse the blurry picture) It has a permanent place in his room where no one else is allowed to play or take him out.

Owen our little book fanatic, loves these books.  His own box of his own books.
They have been carried on every trip, to church, to Grandma's, to stores.

Owen picked out a red velvet cake from Costco for his birthday.  I offered to make a cake, or buy him whatever kind he wanted.  Not exactly the typical choice of a toddler, but he was very excited about it.  Even more so that he got to blow the candles out more than once.
Once at home, once at grandma's and a third in helping mom. 

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