Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our 2012

Merry Christmas! 
We're loving Washington and all the crazy things that come with it like seasons, playing outdoors, animals and farming.

So without further ado here is our 2012 Quiz on the Yeates Family.
Also known as catch up because Kellie is the worst blogger 
and this will be the longest post ever!
Some questions will have multiple answers.

Question #1
Jackson and Carter woke up covered head to toe in red spots.  
Did they have
a) measles
b) chicken pox
c) duck mites
d) a really bad case of spontaneous childhood acne
e) all of the above, they were really sick little buggers

Answer:  Duck Mites.  Picked up from the lake when the mites can't find ducks to attach to, swimming boys will do just fine.  A couple days of calamine lotion and they were just fine.  
One more chapter learned for this city girl.  

Question #2
Bart and Kellie's church callings (jobs) are 
a) teaching nursery (18 months to 3 years)
b) Young Men's President & Young Women's Secretary (Teens 12-18 yrs)
c) Sunday School counselor & Relief Society Teacher (adults)
d) Sunday School teacher (16 yr olds) and Scout Leader (11 yr olds)

(Picture from last year) Bart is the Young Men's president and loves working with the youth in our ward.  They got to be part of a regional encampment just north of Spokane this summer that was one of the largest groups of scouts ever assembled (outside of the national jamboree, I guess.  My scout knowledge is severely lacking.)  Bart loves these boys and the adventures they have.  It's even more fun as one of his Priest quorum is his youngest brother, Brett.  

I joined the Young Women this year, and in the short time I have been in I have loved it.  We have some amazing girls and I enjoy the time I spend with them so much.  It's a lot of what I'm good at paper, pretty things and parties to plan, but we have a good time, and hopefully these girls realize in the end how special they really are.  

Question #3
Most of the fall we lived
a) on soccer fields all over Central Washington
b) in hibernation (once it got cold Kellie embraced her Vegas girl roots)
c) in our apple orchard (Bart was working crazy hours to get the apples picked)
d) In the midst of chaos as we continue to renovate and update our house.

Answer:  All of the above are true, but mainly we lived on soccer fields.  Jackson and Carter both played this year, but due to Jacks moving up a league in age we now travel to other towns to play against their teams.  Some over an hour from our house (but close enough to Tri-Cities and an excuse to go eat out at some fun restaurants and do some shopping, to make it worth the drive! )  I  would drive anywhere to watch my kids play.  They both loved it!  We had a great time at the games (even if I get a little too stressed watching them play) and we made some dear new friends (parents and kids) that we're truly glad that we participated.  I'm also extremely grateful for two wonderful coaches,  who help my boys and teach them so much.  Bart coaches baseball in the spring, but says soccer is not his sport, so its wonderful to have other great men who are examples to our boys.  

Pictures of the house chaos will come next year when we have more projects complete!

Question #4
Our favorite visitors this year were
a) a friend from high school and her family who came up to experience farm life.
b) a cousin and his family who recently moved to Seattle so we wouldn't be the only ones up here in the Pacific Washington area.
c) a badger found behind Bart's BBQ (and took 4 shotgun blasts before it stopped running)
d) Vegas friends who moved to Oregon and came to visit during conference weekend, have a massive brunch, watch conference and of course lawn tube. (notice a theme?  kids like to lawn tube.)
e) a college roommate & his family who visited every few months from Spokane to help us eat way too much, lawn tube and go camping.

You could be part of next year's spotlight!  All you have to do is come visit!  (And I promise to start taking better pictures when we have friends here!

Answer:  All but C. No one wants to see the picture of the badger aftermath. You're welcome.

Meet "Joyous".  Also known as Jonas to everyone but Owen.   

A great friend from Jr. High and High school brought her family up for a little while to experience some farm life.  They traveled around Washington and braved sleeping in our unfinished basement, but our favorite part was the cute little buddies these two became instantly.  Even though it was only a blip in their little lives they still refer to each other on a pretty regular basis.  I took maybe 5 pictures the whole time they were here, and 4 of them were of Owen & Joyous.  
Pretty fitting for how cute these two were. 

Introducing our favorite Vegas/Oregonites to lawn tubing.  They have the cutest little munchkins that we would have kept if they would have let us.  Well we'd keep 2 out of 3 of them, only because T & J loved the farm, and all kids love lawn tubing, but poor little Regan (who I didn't get a picture of) hated me!  Every time I tried to help her, pick her up, or even looked at her she'd scream!  It was almost comical.  
By the end of the weekend I finally got her to warm up to me a smidge.  
We could be in the same room and she wouldn't lose it, but that was a huge improvement!  

Another little adorable Owen buddy

Love Carter & Cosme's faces...  

Pictures all stolen from my cousin's blog, because 
I took one semi-blurry picture the whole time they were here! 

My cousin moved to Seattle and took his family on a cross country road trip in the process.  Even though we are so close to Seattle, we were so glad the kids needed a break from the car.  So we took them cherry picking, lawn tubing, and swimming in the lake.   
I love the fact that we have a little Roberts family up here in WA with us!  

Bart's college roommate's kids and ours camping.  Yep, best we can do for all of them looking!  This is the before. Just arriving to camp, the after shot would be all 6 kids almost completely brown with dirt, except where their faces are white and sticky from marshmallows.  We've loved having friends in Spokane to give us an excuse to run over there more often.  They've met us to go camping, come to our kids birthdays, and a super bowl party, and we're missing them now that they've moved to Florida!  

We need new camping buddies, applications are available.  

Question #5
Owen's favorite new tricks include 
a) playing "what can I fit in?" The washing machine (and giving mom a heart attack), a witches cauldron...
b) Fitting 30+ "stuffed babies" on his bed (favorites being a reindeer, a penguin named Captain and a fox)
c) putting toys in the fridge & freezer because they're more fun when they're cold
d) filling mom's home decor (lanterns, cake plates, shelves) with dinosaurs
e) make us decipher sear sal (cereal), snoot snacks (fruit snacks), chip milk (chipmunks), joyous (Jonas), 

Answer:  All of the above

Yes, talks have been had about why we don't do this.  (after the picture was taken of course) Blurry iPhone photos sorry!

So that's what cake plates are really for.

 Not even half of the babies that are usually on Owen's bed.

Question #6
Our favorite get aways this year were
a) a week with all Bart's family at a cabin playing in the lake in Idaho
b) visiting grandparents & cousins in Las Vegas
c) catching up with extended family in Utah while celebrating the life of Kellie's grandpa
d) Kellie & Bart spending a few days with friends in Seattle to see Wicked (and take advantage of the shopping)

Picture of my Grandma, her 7 children and their spouses

Answer:C. While all of these were wonderful and so fun, (and there were a few more I left off),    I loved going to my grandfather's funeral.  That may sound strange to say, but it was an great experience.  I loved hearing stories of my grandpa that I had never heard, particularly one's my Uncle Paul told of being a young boy and the crazy projects Paul came up with and how Grandpa was as a dad.  Made me think about the way I treat my boys and the crazy things they do.  I loved sitting around after with my many cousins, catching up, talking and laughing.  I think that would make Grandpa happy that we enjoy each other so much.  I was also amazed that my grandpa was not preceded by anyone other than his parents and siblings in death.  Our family is huge and we have been incredibly blessed to all be here to see his life.  

I loved that I got to meet my brother's fiance.  Who I felt like I already knew from hearing him (and my family) gush about her, but even more fun was sitting watching a football game and eating dinner with all my siblings, Bart, Claire and my parents.  Just talking, no kids and laughing.  I love how funny we are together, and I absolutely adore Claire. I'm so excited for Kevin, and for our family because she fits so well.  I love all my sibling's spouses and I'm excited that for some crazy reason Claire wants to be part of this fun, crazy, loud family of ours.  

Question #7
Jackson's loves this year
a) playing goalie for his soccer team
b) a 50cc dirtbike he named Spike (and scares mom to death with)
c) wood, screws, drills, nails, legos anything he can build with, he's built a shelf, a plane and Christmas tree all out of scraps of wood in our garage.
d) snow.  Sledding, snowmen, snowballs, and wants to learn to ski.

Answer:  All of the above, but mostly A & B.   Jackson was very serious about being a goalie.  He absolutely loved it, and he did really well!  Like I said before we drove all over playing other teams, and Jackson's team "the Lightning" went undefeated until almost the end of the season. Jackson made some very good friends, and we really enjoyed his games.  He can't wait for next season!

Jackson and Spike.  He made a racing number to go on the front and even cleaned out the garage by himself so that Spike would have a nice place to stay.  Dad's car can't fit in the garage, but Jackson's motor bike has a prime place!  Priorities right?  

Question #8
Owen, Carter & Jackson want to be _____________when they grow up

a) an apple farmer
b) a potato
c) a pilot

Answer:  All of the above.  When asked at dinner one night what they wanted to be Jackson replied a pilot.  Carter replied an apple farmer, and Owen replied a potato.  

Question #9

Our animal collection includes
a) a pony named Cinnamon (briefly named Elmo)
b) a dog named Beau
c) a cat name Tutu
d) barn owls and bats

Answer:  If Bart has anything to do with it all of the above, but for now all but D.  Bart knows if it were up to me we'd have as many animals as we could, so one day he came home and told me he was going to make me happy by getting more animals.  He informed me that by building houses Barn Owls and Bats would take up residence on the farm to eat the bugs that live in the organic orchard (where they can't spray for bugs) and so we'd get to have more animals.  I think he misunderstood that not all animals are options.  I was thinking more along the lines of chickens, goats, pigs etc.  Not flying rats and birds big enough to eat my cat! 

 Beau was the only of our 14 puppies that we kept from last year's litters. He's a year old and is a BIG dog. We love this wonderful dog, who loves our kids, sweetest temperament but he has a tendency to wander, which keeps us on our toes, and him on a leash.  

Elmo was 5 months old part Shetland pony when Grandpa brought him home for Grandma's birthday.  He's too little to ride, but we've had fun petting, and feeding him apples.  He was so little he was even still fuzzy.  
His name was quickly changed to Cinnamon by Bart's sister Tiffany.

Tutu as a kitten

Tutu, named by Owen is now almost two years old.  She's had two litters of cute kittens, and is incredible at catching mice, birds and even a bunny.  Good thing cats are small or I'd be worried she'd catch my boys!  She loves our family and is the sweetest snuggliest cat.  Never thought I'd be a cat person, but being on a farm I've quickly learned to love our cat!  

Question #10
Carter's favorite part of kindergarten is
a) learning to read
b) Science, science all day science 
c) covering his clothes in paint as often as possible
d ) playing on the swings everyday at recess

Jackson's favorite part of 2nd grade is
a) Math academy
b) having his class full of his three best friends (good and bad, when they can't stop talking!)
c) Science, Music & PE
d) playing football and soccer everyday at recess

Mom & Dad's favorite parts of school
e) Mrs. Leneway and Mrs. Schwint, two of our favorite people for how much effort, support and help they give our two crazy boys.  Teachers make all the difference and we've had amazing teachers for our boys since moving here.  

All of the above.

Question #11

Kellie's many talents include
a) falling off stuff, falling down stuff and breaking essential body appendages
b) covering every corner of the basement office in paper, pictures and huge messes
c) learning photography, very beginner but I enjoy it 
d) snuggling 3 monkeys when they sit still long enough
e) planning way too much for parties, too much food, too many decorations, too much time

Answer:  all of the above

While camping at midnight I fell ripping the anterior tibiofibular ligament (ligament that holds your shin bones together just before your ankle).  So every time I stepped down my shin bones would spread apart and I'd have no support in my ankle.  So after being on crutches for 5 days, with an ace bandage until the swelling went down, to a full walking boot cast for 3 weeks, then a lovely brace with plates to hold my shin bones together 2 weeks, to a firm support ankle brace that I wore for months straight and still occasionally when it hurts, I've learned that a one second act of stupidity can cause months of frustration!  I've done a lot of dumb injuries to myself, but this was by far the worse!  

I've gotten more interested in photography and I dabble for other people occasionally.  Its very self taught and I'm just beginning but I enjoyed doing family pictures, senior pictures and a wedding recently.  These are some of my favorites lately. 

My big photograph goal is to figure out how to be fast enough to catch little boys clearly who live life in a complete blur!

Question #12
Our new favorites about small town Washington are
a) elaborate small town firework shows and/or parades for holidays like Father's Day, Farmer Consumer Day, apple blossom etc. 
b) growing fun things in our garden and on our farm
c) all the new friends we've made, and the friends we've had come visit us here
d) a novel new idea called Seasons.  
e)  How much our boys belong here. 

We've been incredibly blessed since we've moved here.  It hasn't been easy all the time, but we love Washington and know this is where we need to be.  We have made amazing friends, my kids have made amazing friends (something I was so worried about when moving away from an incredible support group of friends and family).  
We hope this gives you an insight into the crazy but fun time we have around here, and catches you up since 
I'm the worst at keeping on top of this! 

We are completely sincere when we say we'd love to have you come visit, and count ourselves even more blessed to have so many friends spread around the world.  

Merry Christmas!  Bart, Kellie, Jackson, Carter & Owen


  1. Aw loved the yearly review. Although I completely failed the quiz:( You have such cute boys and I love your Washington life!

  2. LOVE!!! So fun reading all about how your family is doing. Your boys are so handsome. By far my favorite picture was the cauldron. lol. So funny!