Friday, June 1, 2012

We have a thing for pulling kids with four wheelers...

Just disregard the fact that I haven't posted forever.
Whatever we pretend never happened... never happened right?  Right.

During the summer we lawn tube, during the winter we apparently pull the kids on their snow racers. 
This was the brain child of Jackson & Carter aided by Bart (any surprise there?) 

Owen would rather spend his time licking every snow covered surface, than riding any sleds. 

Owen was a good snow racer picture poser, but if it moved an inch he was out.

Carter and Jackson were plotting how to build their own engines onto their sleds.
And to avoid that at all costs, (and not have their mom's brain explode)
this was a much more realistic option to make their sleds move....

We had very little snow this year so we tried to made up for lack of sledding
by increasing the awesomeness of the sledding. 

There's this part of my heart, the part where I'm too soft to be the mom of three crazy boys, that about dies when they want to do something like this.  But my new mantra is "why do we live here, unless we..."  I fill it in with "ride motorcyles, four wheelers, snowmobiles...", "let our kids have 14 puppies....",
"play in the mud hole that is so deep they'll lose shoes never to be found..." etc.

I live on a farm so that my boys can have every adventure we can give them, let boys be boys,
and so they learn to be the hard working, amazing, kind man that their dad is. 

I live on a farm for them.
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  1. Owen is too funny not wanting to ride a lick. You are totally right that boys will be boys. Farm life and boys go hand and hand. You are too lucky. Hopefully for your sake your boys will never fill a fire extinguisher full of gasoline and use it for a blow torch like my cousins did. That about sent my Aunt over the edge. Oops, I probably shouldn't have given Bart any ideas:)