Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Salt Lake City Discovery Museum

We went to see family in Salt Lake City, and found a little gem for keeping kids busy!
Seriously.  Go.  We'll be going back again and again.

The Discovery Gateway Children's Museum

It's filled with kid sized versions of a

Complete with crane, blue prints, and 'cinder blocks'  ready for Foreman Jackson and his work crew.

The largest and probably favorite area was the gigantic
This was a huge waterfall of continual water, that runs through pipes, channels, elevation drops, wheels, paddles, buckets, hoses, pumps, showers, faucets . . .


Jackson, Carter, Owen & Will (my adorable nephew) floated boats, balls, figures down the waterfalls

Moved pumps, wheels and hoses shutting off the water, starting the water,
and changing the flow of the water.


(Will is just the cutest little nephew ever, isn't he?)

This would have made the whole day worth it.
These aquatic engineers of ours had an amazing time figuring out,
changing and working together on their 'projects'.


After we dragged them away from the water tables, we discovered a play area a little more close to home for our farm boys...

Part 2:  Coming Soon
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  1. I'm going to steal a couple of these pictures... thanks Kell! Miss you!