Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mom, lets have more Jackson & Mom time tonight k?

That's what Jackson said to me today as he walked out the door to go to school.

Last night Jackson woke up just as I was going to bed, his legs hurting from growing pains. We did the Tylenol thing and instead of putting him back to bed like usual, I held my almost 7 yr old on my lap in a recliner and read him library books about astronomy and animals (we have a science fanatic). Then after two really long books Jacks asked me to just hold him and rock him. When he got comfortable (it's hard for short moms to fit big kids curled up on their laps!) he asked me "mom? Who are my ancestors?"

So I explained that he's met some of them, his grandparents, great grandparents (he's met 5 out of 8) and that I had only met two of my great grandparents and that they were his great-great-grandmas. For over an hour I sat him on my lap telling him stories of his ancestors, especially his great grandparents and great-great-grandparents.

I told him of my grandpa Johnson and how he sat and laughed for hours as Jackson ran around the living room as a one year old. He would say over and over "you don't need a TV when you've got this kid around!"

How grandpa Winder (the only grandparent of Bart's that got to meet Jackson) was so excited to meet Jackson as a baby, and how he commented over and over on how he could believe how much hair that baby had.

We talked about some of the memories Jackson has of Grandma Johnson, of playing at her house, and some of the funny things he remembers her saying, she liked to call everyone 'a turkey'.  We talked about seeing my Grandparents (Roberts) who are still in Salt Lake and we saw just a few weeks ago.

I told him about the great great grandma's I had met, and what I remembered about them, the stories I'd been told as a child about them, the stories I knew about Bart's great grandparents.

I always want to remember sitting there, holding him, laughing and telling stories.  There are a lot of parts of being a mom that are not fun.  (Mostly anything having to do with cleaning.)  There are a lot of parts of being a mom that are hard, really hard.  But there are these times that something so sweet, so precious happens.  It can be something funny they say, it can be a dandelion brought by little hands, it can be holding them as they sleep, it can be conversations you don't want to forget.  These are the things I have to think about when I haven't slept, kids are sick, or I'm mad because I've said the same thing a hundred times and no one is listening.  These are the moments that get you through everything else.  The things I want to remember long after I've forgotten all the other stuff...

But the sweetest thing I always want to remember is how my 7 year old, ran back to give me a hug before leaving for school, and said "hey mom?  Can we have more of that mom & Jackson time again tonight?"

** I wrote this about a month ago, a few days before Jackson's birthday, so I would remember it.   
One of those moments that makes being a mom wonderful.  **


  1. I actually read this a long time ago when you first posted it but just read it agin as I was scrolling. It made me cry both times.