Sunday, June 10, 2012

Discovery Museum Part 3 - the big kids

Most of the bigger kid activities were on the second floor.  A little bit more of the science, and creative areas of play, rather than the areas of pretend for the little kids.

Our favorites were:

Rock Climbing Wall


Green Screen News reporting
(Owen was watching Jackson and his co-anchor do the weather report on the monitors)

Real life size Helicopter
The little guys (Owen & Will) were all about climbing in, out and around the helicopter, but Carter and Jackson asked questions about how things work and what the paramedics use the helicopter for.


Carter's favorite area turned out to be building and manipulatives.

Magnet shapes that build 3D objects

Interlockers (foreground) and giant legos (in the background)


Magnet Cylinders

Pods & Connecters

Jenna & Will down in the giant ball sorter filled with hundreds of those ball-pit like balls.....

Plinko anyone? You can put the balls through these side games (like plinko)

Or put them into the air tubes and watch them get shot up over 20 feet and go through a maze of tubes, wheels and finally watch until they come back down to do all over again.

Short version, if you are ever in Salt Lake, especially with wound up kids,
who haven't taken naps in 4 days because you're on vacation, go to the discovery museum.
The kids had a blast and we'll definitely be going back.  Want to join us?

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