Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Discovery Museum Part 2

We start at the garden where the rabbits and the boys could harvest their vegetables.

Then it was on to the chicken coop. Owen was worried the mama chickens would miss their babies,
so he spent more time trying to give the 'chickies' back to their mamas, than collecting eggs.

On to transportation.  Luckily this was a local harvest situation, so the bounteous crops
only had to be hand carted from the conveyor belt to the local grocery store.

Carter was very interested in the hay truck but he was appalled that the kids were loading it wrong.
He recruited Owen's help and they quickly unloaded and then reloaded the truck up to their standards.
(Bart was extremely proud).


Owen left Carter to finish the hay business while he went on to pony rides
and to earning his keep at the local grocery store.

You have to start from the bottom.  Stock boy.
Load and unload canned goods, fresh produce, and crusty baked bread.


Check out was the most fun.  For the customer and the clerk.
Especially when your clerk is almost as tall as the stool he's standing on to reach the register!

As we moved through, Will took up residence in the water play area, and although Owen acts like I'm killing him when we go to the grocery store, he would have lived in his store happily. 
 At least until he tried to eat the plastic fruit.  Next up Carter & Jackson's favorite areas...

There's more!
Part 3:  Up Next the Big Kid areas

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