Monday, June 4, 2012

Childhood rites of passage

After living on a farm for over a year we finally checked this off the list.
Pony Rides...

When Carter heard there would be ponies he insisted on wearing his cowboy boots.

Cowboy boots are one of the best additions to our country life.
Not because I will ever lose my mind and let them ride a bull, but I am a full convert to cowboy boots.
They fit in the crocs, flip flops, rubber boots and sandals category, no tying or mom help needed.

My kids are converted because cowboy boots (even toy story ones) mean they are definitely hard core.

Mr. Tiny Pony was only a few inches taller than Jackson.
We also didn't stop hearing about buying our own pony for weeks.  Thanks Jacks.

Owen also checked off another item on the pony ride checklist.
Grin like crazy, and then bawl your eyes out when mom and dad (because they are evil)
make you get off the pony and go home to your pony-less existence.

One consequence to living in the country is that our backyard is a pasture, and next to them are corrals.
They've seen the pictures where the pasture used to have 15 horses, in addition to the cows.
When we had a ten foot, desert landscaped backyard, it was a no brainer.  Ponies?  Absolutely not.

Now these conniving, smart, little con artists know.   Pasture? Corrals?  Dang it.

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  1. Juan (the plumber) bought a cute pony for his son for only $100-I definitely think we need one!

  2. Haha, that would rock! Well.. not so much for you and Bart :) Isn't that always how it is? Cute pictures though.