Friday, February 24, 2012


***  Ridiculously long post warning ***

We took in two abandoned dogs, and thought they were younger than they were.  
We went to visit family in Las Vegas, and while we were gone our dogs had a visitor.  

9 weeks later Mama Dog Chloe had 9 puppies and Mama Dog Leah had 5 puppies. 
With puppies comes extra visitors and we loved it.  

These cute little friends loved the puppies, and 
the boys loved having an excuse to have the girls come play

12 puppies + 2 moms was quite the full house. 

As cute as these puppies were, 14 dogs was craziness! 

Their favorite activities were falling in window wells at 2 am (puppies cry very loudly at 2 am),
chewing every toy, shoe or garden tool they could get their hands on
(including a package from across the street), and leaving us presents all over our driveway.

The only problem with 12 adorable puppies?  You want to keep 12 adorable puppies.

Now for more cute puppy pictures...

This was Jackson's pouting face every day when we reminded him that we could not keep 14 dogs. 
When they were weaned and old enough we found them all good homes
(before our home went to the dogs!!!)

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  1. Oh my gosh I cannot believe you had all those puppies. I never even want one lol!! But they are cute.

  2. I had a hard enough time dealing with our two dogs and their 4 puppies, I can't imagine. Though, I must agree, those puppies were dang cute! I'm glad you still had some around to look at at Halloween time. These are the same puppies, right? They didn't have two batches, did they?