Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Your Invited to our Halloween Party

Here's catch up from 2011
We had a Halloween Party for the kids, and it was sure fun.  
Here are the invites that they each got...
(front) above 

(inside) below

Here's about half of the group of Superheroes, Princesses and Robots

The dads took the kids on a hayride, and let them stop and pick an apple out of the orchards, 
while the mom's got the food set out.
Thanks to friends who spontaneously stayed to help with the party I had extra hands, they were assigned everything from setting out food to running games and jumped right in.  

Most of the food was what I call 'kid food'  but since it's Halloween 
I went with a little bit more spooky spread.  

Our menu 
* mozzarella stick ghosts * 'lil smokies mummies * pretzel witches wands * monster eye oreos * 
 * homemade rootbeer * bagel bite spiderwebs * Frankenstein chicken fingers * Halloween striped jello *
* home fried doughnuts with all the toppings *  * pumpkin chocolate chip pastries *
* Halloween sugar cookies * (which I forgot to put out and my kids got to eat)

For the grown up food: Baked potato soup with cheese, sour cream, bacon, chives as toppings and rolls 

The kids each went home with a Frankenstein or Witch treat bag
and a bag (below) from the party filled with their prizes from the games

But all of this wouldn't have been worth it without these adorable scary faces.  
Here's most of the guests of honor that night.  
(You can play where's Waldo if you want, our kiddos were Captain America, Thor & Iron Man)

I know it comes from my mom, but Halloween parties have always been a favorite of mine.  
My mom (with the help of a few of her amazing friends) threw amazing Halloween parties from the time we were little until we were teenagers.  

 My kids seem to have inherited the same disease.  
They started asking about next year's Halloween party about a week after this years.  
Better get planning I guess! 

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