Thursday, January 12, 2012

We love the country...

A friend of Bart's aunt told her to have her family come and pick pumpkins from his pumpkin patch.  This sweet man and his wife plant a gigantic pumpkin patch each year, and then open it to friends and family to come pick pumpkins, gourds and fall flowers of all kinds.  
He said he always planned on doing it eventually as a business, 
but just enjoys it and loves being able to let kids come pick to their heart's content. 

Pumpkin picking is very serious business.  
Everything from tiny (1 inch) pumpkins to gigantic pumpkins too heavy to lift.

6'3" brother-in-law Todd

Gourds were new to our boys.  
Warty, bumpy and weird colored was great in their eyes, 
even better when they are almost three feet tall. 

The boys had very precise ways of picking their perfect pumpkins.

First step was to sit on the pumpkins.  Sit on a lot of pumpkins.

Second step is attempt to pick them up.   Some pumpkins are better if you can't lift them.

Others were for proving how strong you were.  

We went home with a pick up truck loaded down with about 15 pumpkins and 3 very happy little boys...
(even if Owen doesn't look happy, he was trying to concentrate on not dropping his favorite pumpkin)

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