Sunday, January 8, 2012

Merry Christmas! From the Yeates

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We did.  

For those of you not on Facebook, who haven't seen what a bang up job 
I did with our Christmas cards, here's the deal, Christmas cards apparently make me crazy.   
I got Christmas cards done, and out to our family and a few friends that live farther away.  
Well at least I thought I did.  
Here are my newly implemented rules for sending cards out next year. 

First off, 
Merry Christmas 
here's your card. 

Rule #1 -  Order more cards than you think you need.
       Bart and I have so much family that 90% of the order was used before I even got to thinking about   
      friends, so if I missed you I'm sorry!  You're on our list for next year!  

Rule #2 - Print all labels at the same time, only once!  I printed labels as I got the addresses from people, 
       so I could get as many out as quickly as I could.  Well apparently I printed a section twice, 
       addressed them twice, stamped them twice, and mailed them twice.  You lucky people are loved 
       twice as much.   And in case that doesn't make you feel crazy, (makes me feel crazy), it also 
       shortens the amount of cards that is already too short as it is!

Rule #3 -  Don't write out addresses at 2 am.  
       Makes you look even crazier when you send cards out addressed to cousins like this.  

       Cousin A & Husband A Last Name B         Cousin B & Husband B Last Name A
       Address B                                                  Address A

Feel crazy yet?  I do.  
Anyway, I really like sending Christmas cards (I guess so much so I send them twice), 
I LOVE getting Christmas cards, one of my favorite things all year, 
but please forgive the crazies and just know how much we love all the friends and family in our lives.  Near, far, old friends, new friends.  

Thanks for all the love, support and friendship you've shown our family.  
Especially this last year, moving was harder than I ever thought it would be, 
and we're more blessed than we deserve with wonderful friends and family.

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  1. Just so you know, we appreciated your card and you look super cute in it! At least you got one done this year!