Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Apples, Apples Everywhere

Our apples got sent to a new processing company this year, so we got to go tour the facility.  We took Owen & Carter along for the ride, so they could see what happens to the apples after leaving our farm. 

When the apples are picked they are put into apple bins.  These are either wood or plastic and they have holes in them to keep air circulating around the apples, as well as help empty the bins at the plant.  

The bins are stacked up, and they wait until they are ready to process those apples.  
When ready, the bins are loaded up on the conveyor, and flooded with water.  
The water floats the apples up out of the bins, and starting onto the conveyors...

As they go up little elevations they are sprayed, washed and twigs, leaves etc. are removed.

They separate onto runs where ladies pull out any apples with blemishes.
Excited kids serve no purpose rather than just looking cute.


Conveyors turn into tracks that sort apples by size

The apples fall off when they get to the station that matches their weight. 

Then ladies pack them into the cardboard holders and into boxes. Then shipped off to stores.  

Then you climb a flag pole.


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  1. That's really cool! Maybe we'll find one of your apples at our Smith's one day! Well, probably not. But I will pretend they are from your farm anyway.