Sunday, December 18, 2011

Organized Chaos

I've heard kids soccer on more than one occasion described as organized chaos, and its pretty true.  What no one told me is how fun (and quite often funny) it was to watch.
6 kids per team.  3 kids on each team play at a time. 30 minute games/15 minute halves.  
Each group of three kids plays a half of a half.   Two games per night. 
2 practices a week, 1 night of games a week, 6 weeks of soccer...  (Make sense?) 

I had no idea how much this kid would LOVE soccer.
Loved his team.  Loved his coach. 
Loved his colors.  
Loved his team name 'The Tigers', because Tigers are fierce and so are soccer players.
  Loved his number, chosen by Jackson because it was his dad's number.
Love playing.  Loved watching the other part of his team play.  Loved practices.  Loved everything.
Loved sharing the ball with other players, even players on the other team.  
After the first game, I had to explain to him that its alright to take the ball away from someone else.  
Overheard at his first game. 

Becca:  "Do you think we're winning Jackson?"
Jackson:  "Its not all about winning Becca."
Becca:  Yes it is.
Jackson:  "No its not Becca, its about the joy of the game."

Pictured below, Jackson and Becca, 
(This is the conversation they were having when I snuck up to take a picture)
And yes, just like baseball the best parts are high fives and after game treats!
Jacks did say that soccer is way more fun that baseball (sorry Bart!)
Guess that's one more cliche I can claim...  I'm now an official soccer mom. 

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