Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby Cows = Cowbies

I came home and found a minute old calf at the corner of the pasture and our backyard. 
Most of the calves are born in the spring but we have one or two rogue mama cows that aren't on the same cycle as the rest.  So we have two little calves born right before winter hit. 

PS - Cowbies is what Owen says.  He combines words, rather than saying both.  
Baby Cows becomes cowbies, cowboy boots becomes cowboots etc. 

(Newbie's first attempt at standing up)

Bart calls me 'the woman who stares at cows'
(I guess there was a movie about a guy staring at a goat?)

In my defense, its hard not to notice them when they 
keep getting in your backyard and eating the trees.

I just don't know how you can see things like this and not stop.  It's amazing.  Babies are amazing. 

Whether they are an hour old, or a year old.  The first time they stand up, the first time they take a step.

The way the baby automatically knows its mom, and follows after her. 

And yes, even cows cuddle their babies.  

They even protect them from the older siblings/cousins.  These are the 1 year old calves from last Spring.  I call them the teenage calves, because they're so much bigger than the babies, 
and kinda clumsy, stubborn, eat everything in sight (my trees) and do dumb things, like try and play with our kids Little Tykes car.

All the mama cows wouldn't let the teenagers get near the baby.  At one point they all circled the baby to keep the teens from rough housing too close to it.  

And no matter the species, you mess with a mama's baby, and you'll get the stare down.  
There is a definite mad, mama cow face.  Don't mess with a mama cow.  

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  1. Can I come live with you guys for a little bit? I love reading about your life up there. LIke I have said before I am jealous. This city girl wants to experience small town life.

  2. I got your Chirstmas Card today. I am glad to see you have a new blog. This whole time I thought you had given up on the blogging world. Barry and I sat down and looked over your blog (the whole thing may I add). I just have to say, what is the world are we still doing in Vegas. Sheeeesh, the desert. I had to laugh about your water comment and your nosey neighbors scumming you off. So true. It looks like your boys have adjusted well to says the least. I hope you have.

  3. how cute! hope the little cowbie can stay warm this winter!