Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Loving the Friday Night Lights

I love that living in a small town comes with things like school pride.  
Something I don't feel like existed in my high school.  Sure we cheered for the Gators, but we didn't support our teams the way everyone supports the Jacks.  
We went to the football games only when we were performing the halftime show. 
My High School has a stadium a quarter the size, even though the school holds 5 times the number of students.   The only time I've seen traffic in our town, is the night of the football games.   
Almost the entire town is there.  Whether you know someone playing or not. 

Bart, Jackson and Carter have gone to a few games but the Homecoming Game 
was the first that Owen & I made it to.  
(7pm kickoff isn't good when bedtime is at 7:30)

Homecoming is so cool because it comes with cannons, fireworks and a half-time parade. 
We didn't realize that it also comes with lots of extra little boys.  
(This was only half of them that wandered down to sit with us, 
we'll pretend they think Bart and I are cool, but really they just all like our kids.)

Owen and I made it until the 3rd quarter.  He was ecstatic to be included in the fun but he was also too hard to contain and keep from trying to scale the railing and leap onto the track. 

Fireworks, Cannon fire, and tackling.  Perfect recipe for these little guys...add in that we bought hot chocolate, popcorn, gatorade and skittles and its only fuel for the craziness...

The real reason for the lights and pride.  

Our guys won that night, 54-8.  We also go to cheer on #42.  Bart's youngest brother Brett. 
Here's to many more years of Friday Night Lights.

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  1. I thought it was odd (and cool) that they get to do fireworks for homecoming here! I don't know that our football team won a single home game while I was in high school, so school pride? it's new to me.