Friday, November 4, 2011

I think I love cowboys...

Or my guys that pretend to be cowboys. 
(You should see the red boots Bart is rocking...)
(Grant County Fair Rodeo 2011)

Or at least I hope they're pretending. 
I'm not sure how well I'll do if that cute face every decides to do this.  
(Cause we all know if any of our boys is crazy brave enough to be a cowboy it will be Carter...)

Well he can sit on the horse, 
but he can't do this... (team roping)

Or this. (solo roping)

And these were the tame events.  

Bull & Bronc Riding is completely out of the question (because I will always have control) and out of the pictures because it was too dark in the rodeo for the camera to focus from up high. 
(we were given box seats which were fantastic to see, but hard to take pictures from...)

But if we ever have a daughter (ha! let's not be delusional now), she can totally be a rodeo queen... 
cause they have fantastic sparkly pink shirts, and fringey chaps...


(Miss Coulee City is a friend's sister... )

and amazing horses.  I do want a horse.  
(add it to the animal wish list and yes, much to Bart's dismay goats are still on it...)
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  1. Yahoo! I've been to Coulee City. I feel now that I am a part of your life because I actually know where that is. Actually, I've been to your town too, but it was a long time ago...

    I remember when I used to think Cowboys lived in Utah. And then I met Debbie and figured out only country-music-listening people lived in Utah.