Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Morning

There was a hot air balloon launch event at a sod farm right outside of town.  
So we took the boys early crazy, early in the morning.  

Las Vegas Girl confession:  I was almost as amazed at the sod farm, 
as I was about the Hot Air Balloons.  

We got there just after they started blowing up the first balloon.   
(BTW: They really just grow grass, mow it, and sell it.  Amazing.)

The boys were mesmerized (by the balloons, not the grass)

It's even more fun if you can talk dad into holding you like this.  The. Entire. Time. 

We watched them all get inflated, take off, and the boys chose balloons for all of us, and we watched as they floated away over town, and the boys argued guessed which one they thought went the farthest.

Owen gave up and retreated to the heated suburban, partly due to the brisk morning and partly because Dad told him that when we all got back in the car we'd go to the bakery 
and get doughnuts and chocolate milk (not a dumb kid.)

Jackson refused to give in to the cold, and fought back with the stealth, no arms move. 
Sly, that one is.  Or at least thinks he is.

He also broke the yellow rope sod rules, maybe he's a little bit Vegas boy after all. 
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  1. I was shocked to hear they actually had a farm for growing grass when I moved here too. I seriously thought grass was just one of those things that unless you planted something else, it would grow there. But I grew up opposite than you- near a rain forest, not the desert. :)