Sunday, October 2, 2011

Who's excited about vegetables?

When picking vegetables you're required to make this face.

I borrowed some slave labor to harvest the garden.

They were really hard workers.

The garden picking novelty has worn off with my kids, so we needed fresh recruits. 

Everyone had to have a zucchini.  And luckily for them, we are drowning in zucchini. 

Well almost everyone.  A cucumber was as big as Dash would go for.

The 'lumpy squash' was a big favorite with the girls.  

One day's bounty.  So I had this wonderful plan that every time we picked vegetables I'd take pictures and in the end we'd know how much came out of our garden.  We pull laundry baskets full of  vegetables every few days.  Well, we've taken so many vegetable pictures I've mixed them all together and bottom line is its a gigantic, like crush you to death amount of vegetables.   And heaven help me, is still growing strong. 

(Anyone have some Popsicle paid labor they'd like to donate to the cause?)

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  1. Keyton would loooove to actually pick vegetables, since he didn't get much of a chance in our pathetic little garden, so if you still need help, you can have him! What fun for little kids! Who needs new toys when you can have lumpy squash?! (As long as you're not required to eat it)