Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The View out my Window

I walked past the front room, glanced out the window and was greeted by

If Bart is working around the house, the boys sometimes get to ride along.  
When Carter yelled "can I go out with dad" from the other room,  
I had no idea that meant my yard work was going to be done by a superhero. 
For those of you not versed in boy, he's Cat and Merica (How Owen says Captain America)

I admit to laughing pretty hard in between pictures, but that doesn't even come close to beating the day we went to Target, JC Penney, Craft Warehouse, Lowes, Home Depot, an orthodontist office, an irrigation supply store, Fred Meyer and Costco (in a town 45 minutes away) with Carter and Owen dressed in full Transformers gear, of course including full body suits, masks, arm guns, and chest armor.  Of course they only answer to Bumblebee, and Optimus Prime while transformed. 

It was Transformer day, in case you weren't aware.  The cashiers and employees of all those stores are now much more informed on the importance of Transformer Day.

Everyone lives like this.  Right?  Please? 
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  1. Hahahaha, sorry, I'm a mean mom and won't let Keyton wear his costumes out of the house on normal days! But he does have his own Captain America costume too- bet there'll be a lot of them this Halloween!