Saturday, October 15, 2011

Poppin on the apricot tree

Family in town means extra helpers.  
We took all the kids to a friend's house to pick & eat our weight in apricots. 

Some kids were more helpful than others, Carter and Owen were very good at eating.

"The Girls"
Emily, McKell & Abby
And wow, having 3 tween girls are so helpful!  6 Extra hands to pick and wrangle boys,
I would have kept these girls if their parents wouldn't have missed them so much!

It's amazing how when there are extra little kids around,
Jackson loves to be the big helper.
Steps up and becomes one of the big kids.
He spent the whole weekend trying to
live up to the other big kids, especially Matt.

Our haul - which was only about 1/4 of what was on the trees. The bags & bowls were so heavy we could barely lift them.  And we now have a freezer full of apricots waiting for a life as jam!  
(or more like waiting for me to get around to it!)

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