Saturday, October 1, 2011

Children of the Corn

Lovely expressions from my Lovely children 

Sweet Corn.  Hands down one of the best parts of summer.  

Picking armfuls of corn, shucking it in the back of Daddy's work truck and 
eating within 10 minutes is amazing.

Dinner planning sure is easy when all your family wants to eat is ear after ear of corn.  Literally. 

And as long as you can find your way back out of the corn field, that's what you get.  

You also have to survive the picking.  
The corn was so tall, it knocked the boys over a few times as they 
twisted and pulled to get their dinner.

These are just purely because he's cute. 

And as always, the boys end up playing more than picking and dinner is hunted and gathered by Daddy.
If dinner is ever dependent on the providing prowess of our three boys, we're all going to starve, but their careers as corn maze designers are well on their way. 
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  1. Sounds like such fun. I wish we had family members that were (successful) farmers. Especially with corn. Yum.