Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bring on First Grade

Does someone look excited?  I am NEVER this excited in the morning.  Never. 
That is not my genetics. All our boys wake up like this.

There will be no picture of how I wake up.  Your welcome.

I realized the other day that 6 years old is 1/3 of the 18 years kids are home.  Wow. 1/3. 
Insert a bunch of other cliche mom phrases about how fast time goes by, and how he can't be this big already.  Yes they're cliche, but they are absolutely true. 

Dad knows that its cooler to hug and say goodbye outside of class. 

Mom's don't have to follow those rules.

We're a month and half into school and I love his teacher.
She has been wonderful for Jackson.

I love watching as he comes home from school.  Spouting songs, poems, stories.  Love how much he enjoys reading, but especially math and science (One more thing he has in common with his dad).

But I especially love his writing, the stories, journal entries and even just the writing practice.
I can't get enough of that first grade handwriting.

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