Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Best part of the Summer by Far

My youngest brother Kevin came home from his mission to Paraguay.

And like all good returned Missionaries, Kevin spent his first day home in a box. 

In a box with his 5 crazy nephews.
(There's 6, but for Will's safety, we kept him out of the craziness!)
All 6 of which are completely enamored with Kevin.

Jackson was 4, Hudson was 3, Carter was 2, Sawyer was 1, Owen was 6 months old, and Will wasn't born when Kevin left.   Jackson and Hudson were just old enough to realize what was going on, the younger boys have only seen pictures, heard letters, talked to Kevin on the phone at holidays and listed for two years all about Uncle Kevin, and that leads to a pretty great crew of overly excited little nephews. 

And when you are loved that much by crazy little boys, 

they put you in a box,  (don't I have the cutest nephews?)

fill it with balloons, (purely included for Cameron's face in the background)

And subject you to a mix of balloon fight club & human jack in the box . . . 

Until you collapse from sheer excitement 
(and exhaustion... jet lag has nothing on 6 little boys 6 and under)

Welcome Home Kev!
Even if we don't put you in a box, 
the taller members of the family are just as excited that you're home!
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  1. Cute pictures Kellie! I can't believe how many cute little boys are in your family.

  2. wow, that's one big box! what a fun way to come home from a mission though.