Monday, October 17, 2011

Animals, Animals, Animals

Kids raise and bring animals to the fair.  Bart and his brothers did it.
Bart brought a steer to fair. Bart was a member of Future Farmers of America.
(Guess that came true huh?)

Teenagers bring larger animals (horse, steer, cows etc.)
Younger kids bring rabbits, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs etc.

This means the fair is animal heaven for curious, little boys. 
They get to love, pet and beg to bring home all types of animals.

The horses, pigs and cows were the favorites. Especially the pigs.  
Probably helped the pigs' case that the boys saw Charlotte's Web for the first time the same week.  
According to Carter every pig at the fair was named Wilbur.   
And according to Owen, every Wilbur should come home with us.

Our boys will probably be in on the fair animal gig as they get older.  The question will just be whether they take animals to fair or whether we get conned into bringing them home!

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