Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Summer Smores

Whew!  Does anyone else feel like summer is a battle?  Battle the heat, battle the kids, and the biggest battle - no schedule and no naps! Sadly our blog was the first casualty sacrificed to the chaos.
Under threat of both Grandmas I'm playing catch up and solemnly promise to do better (sorry mom!).

Michelle & Garren
One of the absolute best things about summer and all the craziness is family trips.  
Family trips to come visit us, and family trips for us to go visit our favorite people.  

Some of those favorite people made the trek up to Washington during the summer...
The Moons and the Garbetts came to visit, and we missed out on the Gledhills because we were gone!

Kurt & Shana

And the rule is that when your favorite people are in town you have to make and eat your weight in treats. And some of our favorite treats...
Smores! And if those smores are almost as big as your face that makes them even better!

Garren & Owen and their favorite activity of the week... 
(and those two little guys can the loudest train noises you've ever heard!!) 
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