Friday, July 1, 2011

Whole Snow Cone

When Jacks played baseball in Vegas, his first year he was already playing coach pitch.  T-ball started at age 3.  He did really well, but I imagine its a little disconcerting to be put up to bat and have someone throw at you, when you've never played before.  (Which I just realized I never posted pictures of his any of that baseball season...I'm so on the ball.) 

So I was a little relieved to hear the ages don't start as early in Washington and he got to go back to T-ball.  Bart coached Jackson's team, and yes the team name was "Farmer Bean & Seed" the company that sponsored our team.   No Cubs, Yankees or Dodgers for us. 

They played two games a week, which made it hard to fit in practice time as well.   But they worked on very essential baseball skills.  Running.

Post - Game Huddle.


Tagging Base.  (By jumping over the tee?)
Just tagging it was too easy.


Posing for Pictures 
(the mom's favorite part of the game)

Jackson's team at the last game
Most of the kids were almost a year older than Jackson

The best part of Baseball?  Hi-fives and the treat.
Whole Snow Cone.  (Brian Regan anyone?)
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