Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Very Best One

I was the very best one at everything I did growing up.  
I know this because my mom told me so... every day.  

My sisters, and brothers were the very best ones at everything as well.  And the most unique thing would happen,  when more than one of us participated in the same event (like a choir concert), my mom would say to child A:  You were the very best one up there!    
then turning to child B:   You were the very best one up there!   

Now we weren't dumb kids.  We knew mom told that to all of us.  We knew it was physically impossible for all of us to be the very best one up there (and most of the time this was an out and out lie!) 

But we also don't have a dumb mom, and I know that every time she said it to me or any of my crazy siblings, she meant it 100%.  When I went to college my mom would sign notes to me "I Lvoe you, You're the VBO.  Love, Mom."  (Yes love is supposed to be spelled that way, that's a whole other story).  
VBO = Very Best One (by the way)

Jackson finished his t-ball season.  They handed out the medals, popsicles and announced the big kid's all star teams.  And I quietly celebrated that we won't have to look for that stupid jersey anymore!!  took way too many pictures.  After I took the team pictures, I told Jackson I wanted just one of him.  He asked me if he had played good the whole season.  
Without even thinking I said "Jackson, you did great!  You were the very best one out there!"  

And this is the smile I got to that comment.  
Now this is not in any way a parenting debate.  Don't get me started on the no child ever fails policy that happens to run rampant these days.  I want my kids to fail.  I want them to fail and learn to be disappointed and get over it.  

Jackson is not the best baseball player. He was 5, we're not worried about best player.  He was almost a year younger than the rest of his team.  But besides my obvious bias I meant it 100% when I told him he was the best one out there.  Jackson was way more interested in everything else than baseball, much to the chagrin of his coach/dad.  But when another player ran to the base Jackson was playing, Jackson was telling the kid he'd ran so fast, or hit the ball really far.  Talking to these kids and being their friend.  
That's Jackson in a nutshell.   

I don't care if he's ever the very best at playing baseball.  I knew my mom believed without a doubt that I could do anything.  And if I wanted to be the very best at something she would have helped me in any way she could have.  So I'll keep telling Jackson (and Carter and Owen) that he's the very best one up there.  And he was.  The Very Best One.

Thanks mom. 
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  1. Great post Kelli! This is something I need to work on...just seeing the best in my kids and letting them know how great they are!

  2. I never really tried much as a kid, but I'm pretty sure the few things I did do I did better than most of the other kids too. :)