Saturday, July 9, 2011

No More Kindergarten!!!

Mr. Medina went to school with Bart.  He called Jackson 'Little Yeates' all year.
Jackson loved it.   PE days were always great days in Jackson's book!
Especially when he was picked to wear a pedometer and participate in a grant study program for the PE program.   Not so great when he lost the pedometer...
Mr. Medina was great about it, Jackson just hated disappointing him.
(have I said how much I hate searching frantically through the entire house 
for something that's needed RIGHT NOW!?!?!)

I loved PE days because Mr. Medina always did a good job of using up some of that boundless energy... 

Mrs. Gregg went to school with Bart's sister Tanya.  She watched out for Jackson and helped him get to know the his new school and friends.  Jackson loved her class, and I'm grateful he had such a great experience jumping into the middle of the school year.   She did not have a willing participant when Jackson first got to her class.  Full Day Kindergarten was LONG, HARD, and TIRING.  

There were many days those first 3 weeks Jackson left for school crying, but he never came home that way.  Every day was a success and better than the last.  Besides the actual learning, Jackson matured a lot in just being able to focus, listen and finish tasks.  

Mrs. Fields is the music teacher.  She is a huge favorite of Jackson's.  I don't think he came home more excited than the day he got to play the xylophone.  Jackson wouldn't believe me when he asked if I'd ever played a xylophone and I said yes. There might have even been a comment about them "even having xylophones when you were little?!?!"  Oh, Give me a break.   

Mrs. Fields knows the kids and parents so well, that a few weeks after we moved, she saw me in the hallway without Jackson, didn't know me, but knew Jackson was new to the school, 
walked over to me and said "you must be Jackson's mom. And Bart's wife."  
Gotta love a small town!

Mrs. Nash.  Besides the fact that Mrs. Nash is incredibly sweet and invested in the kids, she had a one up in Jackson's book already.  Mrs. Nash teaches science to all the classrooms.  When I asked Jackson everyday how school was, the best days involved ants, worms, rollie pollies, snails, fish etc.  Many conversations Jackson and I have had started with "Mom? Did you know worms can...." 

One of the most worrisome parts of moving for me, was switching Jackson's brand new school, AMAZING teacher and BEST friends, especially in the middle of the year.  

These wonderful teachers helped to make it a great experience for him. 
To thank them for helping a mom worry just a little bit less...

Nothing beats sugar right?  
The little notes in the corners say "Thanks for such a 'sweet' year!  Love Jackson"

I realized just as I got out of the car I never took a picture with all four, so I leaned them back against the door, took the picture, went around, opened the door and they all crashed to the ground!
It's always something right? Thank goodness there was nothing glass!  Frantically got them put back together and we delivered them with big hugs, big smiles & big thanks!
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