Sunday, July 3, 2011

I don't know about green thumbs...

(These are back pictures, we're not wearing snow gear in July)
But with three boys, living on the farm, and dirt EVERYWHERE...
we definitely have brown thumbs, and brown fingernails, brown shoes...

But now the girl who has never had to take care of a yard (hello,Vegas Landscaping) is now attempting a garden.  And not just any garden.  A 60' x 25' garden.  No I did not pick the size.  It was already there.
 Planted long ago by Bart's overachieving grandmother, who obviously didn't kill house plants.

We used all our top gardening equipment
(beach sand shovels, gardening shovels from the Target dollar spot that snapped in half the first day we used them and toy dump trucks)
to dig dirt out of the garden to plant our seeds into.   

We also met along the way Carter's new bestest friends.  Wormy.  They are all named Wormy.  
(Makes it easy when they died I mean disappeared).  

And thank heavens my garden is full of Wormy and his friends.  
Also black polka dot beetles, rolly polly bugs and many other bestest friends for the day...

Owen did more posing than digging,
which was very helpful because he also refused to let anyone use any of his shovels.
He had to be holding about 3 at all times, 5 or 6 was even better.  

We did manage to plant our seeds.  We also managed to cover the entire garage in dirt,
because it was too cold to plant seeds outside.
(We were planting seeds for seedlings to plant later in the spring).  

Despite freezing, the boys had so much fun, worked hard and are super excited about our garden.  

Here's the seedlings for our intended garden. 
Our plans included zucchini, squash, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, spinach, bell peppers, jalapenos, peas, sugar snap peas, various flowers, artichokes, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, onions...

basically everything we found in seeds, and enough to survive on if we and our garden got stuck in a time warp where grocery produce ceased to exist.
We'll be eating salad, zucchini bread and salsa everyday if that's the case.

Heaven help me and my garden if that ever happens! 
(and please be at least 10 years in the future so I can figure out 
what in the world I'm doing before we need to live off this "hobby".)

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