Thursday, July 21, 2011

Faces of Awe

 Fireworks are magical.  Their faces say it all.  

Sitting on the hood of the car, watching the huge firework show.
They were all so excited, they wouldn't even notice, and all of a sudden they'd be sliding off.  
Bart's job all night was to catch them.
The Whole Crew:  Owen, Nora, Allie, Jackson, Carter
(2nd Cousins)

Daddies protect you from the loud fireworks. 
Too bad they're related huh?  Cuties. 
It's even more fun when you get to sit on top of the van . . . 

Kids' expressions are the best part of 4th of July...
This is my favorite.  An especially loud boom,
and Carter ducked for cover, protected by his big brother.
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  1. Wow those are some great pictures! All their cute eyes!

  2. Very nice pictures. I wish I had gotten some of Keyton. Unfortunately I was stuck inside the house trying to watch the fireworks through a window because Cassidy just screamed and screamed every time one went off...sigh.