Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Carter has lost his ability to

Grandma & Grandpa sent Carter a bike for his birthday.  
He'd been begging for months for a big boy bike.  

For weeks Carter had even been propping Jackson's bike up against a picnic table, 
trying to learn to balance, pedal and be a big kid!  

So for 2 weeks now Carter has been following the new bike rules.  
You must not stop biking to eat, sleep or play.  
You have to ride the bike before eating breakfast, before getting dressed.  
Bonus points if you can get away with riding the bike naked.... (dang mom for putting a stop to that one.)  

And above all you can no longer walk or drive anywhere.
Bike must be ridden to Grandma's, and any where else you can convince mom & dad.
(He's tried to get us to ride to church, the grocery store,  Las Vegas, the movies. . . )
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  1. Hmm, you'd think riding a bike naked would be extremely uncomfortable. Especially for a boy.