Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Boys who Lived...

Bart was one of two leaders to take the venturing scouts (including Bart's 16 year old brother Brett) 
on a 50 mile hike up Mt. Rainier.  

The guys were prepared for a summer hike that looped around Mt. Rainier and 
came back down over the course of 6 days.

The mountain was gorgeous, and the boys were ready to go, fully stocked with dehydrated food (yummy), beef jerky, trail mix, and water purification tablets for all this lovely river drinking water... 

 But what started out like this . . .  

And this . . . 

Quickly turned to this. . . 

The boys were dressed for warm hiking (some even in shorts and t-shirts)
and all were wearing sneakers, not even hiking boots.  No one had a coat or jacket. 
Trails were impossible to follow, and they lost it quite a few times, but always found their way back.  With steep trails Bart re-aggravated a knee injury from his mission, and then in finding the trail Bart slipped hurt his knee and spent the rest of the hike, limping or hiking backwards to keep from straining it any further.  

The rangers went looking for the group thinking there was no way our guys could 
have made it through the high passes with the gear they had, and so many inexperienced hikers.  
But just as they headed up, our group came over the pass, leaving the ranger speechless. 

Even with the complications, 
(washed out campgrounds, lost trails, wet legs, shoes & socks, Bart's busted knee, the snow) 
the boys had a good time, completed their 50 mile requirement (in 4 days instead of 6) 
and came home a few nights early.  

And proof they all survived.
(Pretty much a miracle with that many teenage boys in one place, ha!)

If you want to see more or read the post written by the other adult leader Don Francis
Click Here.
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  1. I heard about their trip and all the snow! What amazing boys we have that kept going despite being so underprepared and uncomfortable!