Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh, The Difference Water Makes

Turns out that if you live in a state where you can water your yard without feeling guilty, 
and by guilty I mean a Public Service Announcement where nosey neighbors 
give you the stink eye for watering more than your allotted time,
 things will grow! 

My husband laughs at me, when I say things like "don't leave the sprinklers on that long, its wasting water."

I heard Jackson say to Carter "Carter turn off the water! You're wasting water!" (brushing his teeth) and Carter replied "Jackson there is water everywhere!"

It amazes me that some areas have so much water and other areas that would
 just die for that much water.  There is literally so much water 
(besides the rain we get EVERY OTHER DAY) that the huge rivers are too high, 
and it's pretty fun that most every little town has their own rivers
(according to wikipedia 205 in the state of Washington) or lakes (85) within 10 minutes.

I like this water stuff.  My philosophy on plants is why have them if they don't have flowers?  
After our yard in Vegas, where most plants were shrubs,
rosemary (which Bart and I both hate rosemary, to eat or smell!)
or other drought tolerant varieties, 

I want flowers.  Only flowers. 

Who knew?
Water means you can pretty much plant your flip flop, and it will grow beautiful flowers . . .

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