Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let me Introduce Lawn Tubing

Note:  Carter watched Special Agent Oso on Disney Channel (which I hate, because everything this bear teaches the children is something their parents should be teaching, and these gems of parents are usually standing in the background doing a whole lot of nothing.  Way to go Disney.)  

Oso shows them the 3 special steps for each task, Carter has lately been telling me the 3 special steps for everything.  How to eat lunch.  How to put on your shoes.  How to brush your teeth.  How to swing on the playground swings 
(1. sit on swing.  2. get someone to push you. 3.  Swing on swings.)  
So in true Special Agent Carter style.  
Here are the 3 special steps to Lawn tubing. 

Supplies:  Four Wheeler, Large Lawn Area, Dad or Grandpa (who goes super fast!), 
boat tube and rope, kiddos to scream, laugh and yell "FASTER!!"

Step 1:  Cram into the tube.  

Step 2:  Hold on for dear life. 

(Either to the tube, or in Owen's case to Daddy)
Owen gets a little freaked out, so he lasts about two minutes and
then spends the rest of the time riding with Daddy on the four wheeler.
But he's the first lined up to go next time.

Step 3:  Grin like idiots. 
Good start boys, but we all know you're bigger hams than that.
Much Better.

P.S. No children were harmed in the making of this blog post.
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