Thursday, June 30, 2011

He's 6...He's 6...He's 6...He's 6...He's 6...He's 6

When we moved, Jackson was really worried that he wouldn't have any friends by the time his birthday got here.  It broke my heart.  I promised him that he would have friends, and that we'd make sure that he had a fun birthday.  I may have even promised that if he hadn't had any friends I'd fly him back to Las Vegas for his birthday.  I don't know how we would have done it, but if it had come down to it, 
the Mama Bear in me would have figured out a way.

  For each birthday I let my boys pick what kind of birthday they want, and Jackson made it easy for me.   A tractor party on a farm is about as easy as it gets.   Even easier that he wanted John Deere tractors (he's being brainwashed at a young age to bleed green & yellow), also helps that our town's high school's colors are green and yellow.  Coincidence?  Needless to say green and yellow are not in short supply.  

So I raided my MIL's storage room for anything green or yellow and school pride items (some even from Bart), and borrowed some old tractors from a friend in town.  She was kind enough to let me come steal them out of her backyard for a few days, and then sneak them back in while she was at work.  
 My SIL Tanya helped save me some time by cutting out and putting together
 the cupcake wrappers and tractor toppers.  The cupcakes were key lime and chocolate.  
Not key lime/chocolate.  Key lime cupcakes & chocolate cupcakes. 

After school we had lots of hungry kids, especially the boys.  So we needed lots of farm treats.  We also had taquitos "wheel lines" (think big rolling sprinklers, my city friends) and bagel bites "tire swings".  
But those didn't make it into the pictures.

We used Grandma's backyard.  But didn't plan on the fact that the bees were in the orchards to pollinate the apple blossoms.  And apparently bees are also big John Deere fans, because the yellow & green balloons and pom pom balls were instant attractions.  

So much so that when we opened the door to the backyard, all you'd hear was buzzing.  
I was positive we were going to be greeting kids,
 "Welcome to the party, Have Fun and your party favors are Bee Stings! Aren't you excited?!?!"   
Luckily 25 minutes before the kids arrived all the bees magically disappeared!  

And luckily for me I can stay up late the night before the party, cut everything out on my silhouette, and luckily for Bart it uses up some of my scrapbook paper stash.  Both our old Las Vegas Elders Quorum, and our new Elder's Quorum remarked when we moved that the heaviest box in our entire house was the one marked "Kellie's Paper"...  Ooops. 

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  1. oh my goodness, everything is soooo cute! those food labels kill me! so creative. :)

  2. yes, Joshua's birthday is in 10 days - I hope you're planning on being in Utah so you can do his entire birthday for me. So far I've got as far as the cake - as in we are going to have one.