Friday, May 20, 2011

Tractor Pull 101

I had no idea a tractor pull was such a big deal.  I honestly didn't know if was much more than a country cliche.  You know, we all go cow tipping and then we go to a tractor pull.  This is much more than that.  People traveled as far as two states over to come participate.  
Here's how it works.  The tractor pulls a trailer with a weight that slides slowly down a ramp.  The farther it falls the more weight it puts on the trailer.  The tractor who gets the farthest while pulling the weight wins.  Tractors can't go more than 3 mph, or they are disqualified. 

When a tractor can't pull any farther because the weight has become too much it pulls the front wheels just slightly off the ground.  Mr. Flag Man watches and marks the end point where the wheels lift up.

Best part of a tractor pull:  Hot Dogs & Soda for three very excited boys, very nice old men who bring out blankets & jackets for myself and my kids when a chilly wind picks up, cute senior couples who talked to, laughed with and explained tractor pulls to me & the boys, and getting to see all the old vintage tractors that people have been working, souping up, and spending tons of money & time (not including the traveling) to compete with in a small Washington town.  

I'm sure there are more details and particulars to tractor pulling that I'm not aware of.  And yes, it's kind of funny.  We all have hobbies that others would probably find different or odd, but I looked at my three boys who cheered their little hearts out for tractors "racing" 3 mph and then doing "wheelies" at the end, and we had a ball.  

I realized that Saturday morning that it doesn't matter what the hobby is, it's fun to cheer people on for things they are passionate about.  And even more I was so touched by the elderly man who was from out of state, drove here with an RV & his tractor on a trailer to compete.  Who saw my kids cheering, saying hi to everyone that walked by and loving being a part of the action, walked slowly down to his RV and back (took him at least 20 minutes with his stooped over walk) just to bring out his wife's coat, a chair, and blankets for my 3 boys, so we could make it through just a few more "races" before the boys got too cold.   He just told me to stack it up next to the bleachers when the boys were done, and he'd get it after the races finished.

We didn't make it to the end to see who the real winner was (the "races" last for hours).  But the boys cheered for every tractor like it had just won.  Some went only a third of the way, the very first one we watched made it the entire length.

 It didn't matter to them.  And it didn't matter to me.
We just had a fun morning, learning new things, meeting very kind people, and eating hot dogs.  
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  1. That is so great! And what could be better to a bunch of boys than some hot dogs and tractors! They must have been in heaven!

  2. Hey Kellie! I'm finally with the system and found your new blog:) I like your new WA life and hope you are liking it!

  3. That's so cool! Peyton would have loved that....Russ too! You always have a positive attitude about everything! Miss you and being around your smile!