Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Want to know what our first 2+ months of living in Washington looked like?
These two caught everything.  We probably had the plague for all I know.  Seriously.  We had everything.
How to keep yourself entertained while sick for the 37th time?  Put bowls on your head.
Check yourself for a Beaver.... Toddler speak for Fever. 
(Not a Beiber.  There will be no Beibers in our house. 
Although Bart made me cut Owen's hair because he said he looked like Justin Beiber...)
Snuggle in Mom's bed, watch cartoons, but make sure to have all the "Dine-sores" in their places.
Owen brings the "dines-ores" to us over and over.  One by one. There's an order too.  
Always blue first, green, orange then red.  Red is the T-Rex, must be last because he's the scariest.

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