Friday, May 6, 2011

Bunk Bed Conversations

Bart's turn to fight the after bed time talking battle tonight. He was not prepared for Carter's response.

Bart: Jackson, what's wrong?

Jackson: I'm mad at Carter because he keeps climbing up onto my bed. He won't leave me alone.

Bart: Carter, why do you keep climbing on Jackson's bed?

Carter: Because Jackson is ruining my life. So I'm going to ruin his.

Well okay then.


  1. That's hilarious!!! Can't stop laughing! Isn't it so hard to yell at them when they sound so logical!! Carter sounds just like Peyton.....the other day Russ was getting after Peyton for not listening and Peyton said, "If you yell at me one more time then I'm not playing with you ever again!"

  2. As long as things are fair, right? Love your stories.