Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Bay

The blue fuzzy blanket on the right side of the picture is Owen's bay.  We don't know why its called a bay.  One day it was just another blanket.  The next it was The Bay.  Can't watch a movie without the Bay.  Can't go to sleep without the Bay.  The Bay got snagged in the dryer and I started to fear for its life.  This blanket was bought when Carter was a baby and there aren't replacement blankets to buy. So I had a plan...

So I found a very similar blanket (Blanket on the left) and tried to convince Owen it was just like his Bay.  We tried for a week at every bedtime to convince him it was the Bay.  The only reaction we ever got was this little finger, and in toddler speak,  "Dats Not Da Bay."

Eventually I won.  I tried to explain it to Bart.  Our conversation went something like this.

K:  I won!  I convinced Owen that the other blanket is a Bay!
B: Really?  So he'll take the other blanket instead of the Bay?
K:  Well, not exactly.  Not instead of.
B:  So you mean now he has to have both?!?!
K:  Well... yeah, but I won!  He'll take it!  That's all I was going for!

Dang it. 
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  1. LOL! We have something similar for Peyton...and he's 4!! Its his tiger...named Pinky.... because he has a pink nose. I can't find another one...not sure what were to do when Pinky falls apart. You definitely won though! Go Kelli!! LOL!