Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Snow White Loves (Take 4: Troubleshooting sorry!)

To keep from being buried underneath boxes with no hope of escape, snowy Saturdays meant four wheeling or snow mobiling.  Jackson and Carter couldn't contain themselves.  
Even the frigid temps below 20 degrees weren't enough of a deterrent. 
Always along for the ride was our white German Shepherd Katy. 

 A few days after we arrived in Washington Grandpa Yeates surprised our boys (and Bart & I) with a beautiful white German Shepherd.  She was 3 years old, obedience trained, and a gorgeous dog. 
She followed us everywhere.  She quickly wiggled her way into all of our hearts.

Katy disappeared February 25, 2011.  We have never seen or heard any sign of her since.

We are still heartbroken that she's gone.  Our home felt lonely to drive up and not see her there to greet us.  We suspect she met up with a predator in the area.  She was very protective of our family.  We had seen her chase other large dogs out of our area.  She was especially protective of our boys.
They loved Katy and she loved them.

There were other sightings/maulings in the area, and
I'm grateful that she probably gave her life to keep us safe.
If not, wherever she is, we hope she's being cared for & loved. 

 Even in the short time she was a part of our family, she will always have a tender spot in my heart.

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