Friday, April 15, 2011

MUD... MUD... and More MUD

So we moved to a farm.  And I didn't realize how much dirt that meant.  I know:  We are a Genius.
($1 to the first to remember where that came from).   I thought that there's dirt in the fields, not dirt EVERYWHERE.  And not just dirt.  MUD.

First comes snow.  Then comes MUD.  Not little mud.  HUGE MUD.  Like step down, sink and lose your shoe in it MUD.  So since no little boy can resist Mud.  We went four wheeling in it.
And we took the cutest, sweetest little girls with us, just to dirty them up a bit.

Jackson and Ella.  We're in trouble.  The first day they played together Ella told her mom "Isn't Jackson just soooo cute!?!?"   And I'm not sure Jackson has gone one day without mentioning Ella.  He's was even picked on at school one day because a bigger 1st grader who like Ella heard her say something about that she's friends with both of them but Jackson is her best-est friend, and the 1st grader is only her best friend.

Carter & Owen have become partners in dirt, grime, gunk and goo since we got here.  They look grubby pretty much all the time, but with the ever present smiles on their faces
you can tell they're thrilled about that fact.

Mom however is not, pretty sure our laundry has doubled.

Kate, Ella & Jackson
Kate is a female version of Carter.  She's hilarious.  She's crazy, outgoing, imaginative, and not afraid of anything.  She changes clothes at least 3 times every time we see her.   5 minutes after this picture was taken she sat down in a mud puddle, in her skirt.  If there is dirt around this little angel will find it.
We (especially Carter) adore Kate.  

Bart's favorite part of the day was definitely playing
'how many kids can we cram on the four wheeler for pictures?'

(but he's a good sport.)
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  1. Stop having so much fun or you'll never come visit us in Vegas! :). Can't believe how big your boys are! Seriously, what happened to baby Owen?

  2. Kellie! I'm so happy you're blogging again. I love reading about your family. Your boys sure are cute! I hope Washington is treating you guys well.

  3. Maya Lewis and Tara?? Girls camp?

  4. I say GENIUS comes from what about bob. am i right?!!