Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let's Play Tourist: Home of the Huskies

The University of Washington or UDub as its commonly called. Opened in 1861.  When Bart suggested we go walk around campus and kill an hour before we had to leave Seattle, I have to admit that I felt like once you've seen a college campus or two they're pretty much all the same, especially on the West Coast where most colleges aren't as old as some of the East coast colleges.  
But not University of Washington.  
Because the college was built in 1800's its one of the oldest colleges on the west coast.  And with history comes amazing architecture.  Buildings just aren't made like this anymore.  
The intricate stone and concrete details just floored me. I love architecture.  

I embarrass Bart because I get so excited about buildings.  
Because I walk all over campus with my camera taking pictures of every angle of every building.  I can't help thinking about the time, the effort and the people who designed, built and walked through these buildings.

Like these.  Wow.  Need a sign for the building?  Lets make it out of concrete.

Again, Wow.  If you look carefully in between each set of 3 window sections there are people standing in alcoves (above the brick columns).  Each one was different.  They were amazing.  

These are the lights outside the library.  I love the patina on the old copper.
These are not your Home Depot lights.
There were whole roofs that had this patina on them.  

Buildings that have had to be restored through the years have been updated but they salvaged the facades and any details that could have been.  They have steadied the old facade using structural supports and incorporated as much of the old into the new buildings as possible.

This was the administration building. I love the tower on top.  The windows were old and some were broken, or propped open to ventilate.  You could tell the glass was not modern because of the bubbling, opaque, textured quality to it.  Each window pane was slightly different.  It makes it difficult and expensive to replace when broken.  Walking past you could see old busts of figures in the offices or other architectural details. I'm sure the insides of the buildings were so interesting, but we didn't have time to go inside them.

The U Dub campus is undergoing huge renovations on multiple buildings, and
I didn't get a chance to even see all the ones they weren't renovating.
I'm excited to see the results in a few years when its completed.

You should go too.
Is is possible to be a Huskies fan just because I like their buildings?
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  1. Kellie, you don't even know how homesick you are making me.