Monday, April 4, 2011

Jacks is a Mountain Lion

I don't think he knows that's the mascot, just a natural reaction.
 1st day of School, growl at your mom.

First day of Kindergarten Round Two
Warmer Clothes, Full Day Kindergarten, Smaller Class, More Homework

It took about 2 weeks for Jackson to get adjusted, with a few really bad days, but he stuck it out
(I was ready to give in!) and now he loves it.

 We're really proud of how hard he's worked to catch up to the rest of the class, and especially in reading has just taken off. Spelling secrets is now out!

Jacks loves to copy his dad
(he's taken a stab at being Bart's personal stylist, laying out what Bart should wear that day so they'll match, this day was Gray Stripe Matching day...)

Here's the ultimate in copy cat love.
25 years later Jackson starts kindergarten at the same school that Bart did.
(But if he causes as many problem with school rules as Bart did then we'll have BIG problems!)

Side Note:  I was a Nate Mack Mountain Lion in Elementary school... is it mascot fate Bart and I were destined to find each other? 

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