Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Incredible Mr. Dash

Our first week at church Owen came home having learned a new word.  
Not Bible.  Not church.  Not nursery.  His new word was Dash.
Meet Dash.  Bart was in the hallway, pulling naughty Owen duty during Sacrament, where Owen met his own naughty counterpart...  Also new to the area, also not wanting to sit through Sacrament.  
They raced up and down the hallway after each other while Owen yelled Dash the whole time. 
Owen has loved having a little partner in crime.   They even have the same green
(catepillar, frog, lizard, whatever they are) rain boots. Doesn't hurt that he has adorable sisters.

Also doesn't hurt that he hugs my legs, calls me Miss Kellie and
begs to come paint in the dirt every time I see Dash.
Love that kid.
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