Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I think I underestimated the sneakiness....

This post could also be entitled... Kellie is very gullible.... or Bart's a liar... Or both.

Bart told me one day, a few weeks after we moved, that we had to drive an hour and a half to the biggest city in our area. We needed to pick up a part for the combine (really big tractor) that had broken a day or so before.  I almost told Bart to just go by himself and I'd keep the kids so they wouldn't have to drive so far, but he bribed me with promises of shopping and a yummy restaurant for dinner (he knows me well...).  So we loaded up the kids, drove the hour and a half, and just as we were getting into town Bart explains that the part has to be picked up at the airport.  Ummm... okay.

This was the only time I thought anything was weird. But he explains to me that they shipped the parts on a plane, and then load them on to semi-trucks to take them all over the state.  So you can either wait for the part to come to you, takes a few more days, or drive to the shipping desk at the airport and pick it up earlier.   Again, Umm okay.  Since I haven't had much experience buying tractor parts in Las Vegas I went along with it.  Little did I know that Bart's younger brother's had thought up this crock of a story and thought they were hilarious that I believed it.  

I dropped Bart & Jacks at the airport and took the loop around and around (do all airports have loops?)  He calls tells me they are having a hard time finding the part and its going to take about a half hour for them to track it down.  So we parked and watched Bolt (for the 50th time), while Owen whined about having to be in his carseat.

A text half our later to pick him up and as I come around the loop see Bart and Jackson holding a cardboard box.  Bart puts in the back of the suburban and while he's back behind the car I saw another man walk up in my side view mirror.  

This made me nervous so I got out of the car (cause I would be so good at defending Bart) and just as I did around the corner of the car walks

My Mom & Dad

I screamed,  burst into tears and probably would have fallen to the ground if my mom hadn't grabbed me. 
 (Yes, when I get scared I fall to the ground, more reasons why I would be really good at defending Bart.  
And yes, Jackson has realized this and thinks its funny to scare me and watch me hit the ground)

When I told my parents we were moving, it was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do.  They have been wonderful, completely supportive, even to the point that they tell me I'm doing the right thing when I'm doubting my sanity.  In cahoots with Bart they bought plane tickets for a few weeks after we moved to surprise me. 

There was nothing in the world I wanted more that week than to see my family.  
How do Mom & Dad's always know those things?   


  1. What a sweet surprise!!! I hope you're enjoying your new Washington adventure, Kellie. That's got to be the biggest switch from Vegas!

  2. Awww.. that's so sweet! I just got teary eyed :)