Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heaven Help Us

And his Sunbeam teacher...
(pictures from Carter's first day as a Sunbeam)

As if we needed a better introduction to the area, Carter was asked to give his first primary talk.
(On the word of Christ in the New Testament, why didn't we get the "I love my family" talk?)

Why does anything involving Carter never go as planned?

In the 30 seconds it took for me to walk to the front to help with his talk, Carter ran to the microphone, and in his loudest most excited voice announced "Hi guys!! Guess what? I get to talk on the microphone!"

That was the day Carter's 3 year old dreams came true.
All the attention on him, making everyone laugh, and yes he got to talk on the microphone.

And now everyone knows our little Carter-man.
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  1. Hey Kellie, so glad to see you're blogging again. The new blog is really cute too. So why did you guys move to Washington? When did you move? Its beautiful, thats for sure. I hope things go well. Carter sure looks cute in those pictures. The last time I saw him I think he was still a baby.

  2. Oh Carter!!! Peyton sure does miss him. Sorry I'm horrible about keeping in touch!!! Love your new blog though!!! Can't wait to see more!!