Tuesday, April 5, 2011

As if my kids weren't making me gray enough...

Apparently now so is my husband.

Bart called me with those dreaded words. "First off, we're okay." I HATE when someone starts a phone call like that.
(I'd hate it more if they didn't start that way, but boys and girls can we say coronary aneurysm?
I might not get to the next sentence if I have more phone calls starting like that...)

One of the first big jobs around the farm when we got here, was to harvest the dried feed corn that was still on cornstalks in the fields. Jackson was a long for the wild ride, and luckily neither he nor Bart were hurt. It's amazing though the difference a day makes. Jackson was thrilled to be picked up from school in a huge grain truck. The next day, made me promise him, Dad wouldn't be picking him up in a grain truck anymore!
He's not a dumb kid!

Jackson sitting in the popcorn pile, spilled from the truck onto the ground...
Carter and Owen wouldn't cooperate, what kid wouldn't want to sit in a gigantic pile of popcorn...
(at least out of this craziness I should get pictures right?!?!?)

So now that we have proof everyone was okay, here's what happened...

The grain trucks have 4 wheels on the back (dual axle I think? See those fantastic car terms I'm picking up?) and they are supposed to look like this...

When the bolts on the ends fail and both tires fall off while driving, it looks like this.
 Bart felt the thud, the truck immediately started to tip and veer off the road and almost like in the cartoons, while still driving Bart watched the wheels go rolling down the street in front of the truck...

 The axle buried itself into the middle of the road (more than a foot),
Bart miraculously steered the truck off the road without hitting light poles or mailboxes along the side.

Bart "comforted" me by saying this is a farm and stuff like that happens all the time.  Thanks honey.
(And yes, I've already bought more hair dye.)
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